Sauna Accessories – Maximize your sauna experience

Home sauna owners or frequent sauna users who want to take their sauna experience to a whole new level should invest in sauna accessories. It is essential to have certain sauna accessories if you want to have the best sauna experience.

Some must have sauna accessories:

Wool sauna hat: It’s helped you stay in longer and stop your hair from drying out. This was a problem in the past.

Sauna sand timer: You may not even notice the passing of time while in the sauna, as you simply enjoy the warm environment. So, it is essential to track how long you’ve spent in the sauna using a sand timer.

Sauna thermometer and hygrometer: The sauna thermometer is necessary to prevent the sauna from getting too hot. The thermometer measures the room’s temperature while the hygrometer measures the humidity.

Wood bucket and ladle: If you don’t want those harsh clanging sounds interrupting your peaceful sauna time, you’d better choose a wood bucket and ladle.

Essential oils: A few drops of lavender, eucalyptus (or others) in the water makes for a pleasant experience.

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