100% Pure Linen Women's Sauna Towel Wrap (1)
100% Pure Linen Women’s Sauna Towel Wrap
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100% Pure Linen Women’s Sauna Towel Wrap



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Linen sauna towel wrap has a natural antibacterial properties, used as bath towel wraps for women not only absorbent performance, but also antibacterial. 

As we all know, linen absorbent and breathable, pure linen is 3-5 times more absorbent than cotton, moisture evaporation rate is more than three times the cotton. 

The sauna wrap towel using waffle weave, better than the ordinary weave breathability. Really fast absorbent and quick dry, can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria.


Highly absorbent: Linen absorbs water several times faster than cotton and can absorb 20 times its own body weight in water.

Quick-drying and odorless: Linen has excellent moisture removal and breathability, so even if the wet linen bath sauna towel is stuffed in the bag, there will be no odor, and it is very easy to wash if it gets dirty.

Antibacterial: The natural fragrance of flax can inhibit the growth of bacteria, 100% inhibit mites, and the inhibition rate for other bacteria is more than 80%. Its unique fiber structure allows bacteria to have nowhere to hide, and its antibacterial effect is far better than other materials, especially suitable for people with skin problems and allergic constituents.

Material:  100% Pure Linen
Size: 49.21 x 29.53 inch

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